Palestinian Authorities

The general directorate of continuous and higher education is aspiring to develop a detailed strategic plan for 2014-2016 which focus mainly on the three main strategic objectives listed in the MOH strategic plan for developing HR:

The establishment of the National Observatory of human resources for health

  • Creation of a database of the workforce in the Palestinian health sector
  • Using evidence from HRH observatory as the base for HRH decision making, management, and monitoring of Human Resources in Palestine

Professional development to ensure the health of the forces operating in the Palestinian health sector

  • Development and adoption of the system of incentives
  • Adoption of the job description for the government health sector workers
  • The development and institutionalization of continuing education programs
  • The development of e-learning programs as part of the continuing education programs
  • Provide the necessary training for specialists and technicians build on the basis of clear needs assessment
  • Institutionalize the process of directing the staff and facilitate the process of integration in the enterprise through the "induction program for new employees"
  • Focus on the cycles of continuous professional development mandatory for health professionals

Keep up with scientific and technological progress in health

  • The use of information and communication technologies in the health monitoring
  • Develop and support health research in collaboration with the Institute of Public Health
  • Benefit from international expertise and medical delegations through on job "training" and distance learning.
  • Provide the infrastructure and adequate support for the establishment of libraries and centres for continuing education in health institutions

Furthermore, the GECHE strategic plan will addresses the capacity building of the cadres working at the GDCHE as well as other strategic priorities:

  • Integration of the following globally highlighted knowledge and competencies within the local basic academic health programs:
    • Orientation to the electronic health information system (HIS)
    • Nationally adopted health guidelines and protocols.
    • Foundations of quality and patient safety.
    • CPD system for faculty development.
    • Update for the students clinical training system. i.e. use of trained preceptors to facilitate clinical training.
  • Develop clear policies regarding the follow-up and evaluation of health professionals who receive trainings and specialization programs.
  • Participate in the update of licensing systems for health professionals to ensure safe health care practices.