Republic of Moldova

Focus on education:

  • enhance quality of education through accreditation of educational institutions that train doctors, public health specialists, nurses and other health care specialists;
  • ensure regular update/further development of the HRH competencies through training, including e-learning, revision of curricula, etc.

Focus on incentives:

  • to develop packages of financial and non-financial incentives;
  • Focus on retention of HRH:
  • to develop incentives for the retention and equitable deployment, especially in rural areas (regulations, local authority support);

Focus on skill mix:

  • training of nurses, especially in primary health care system that emphasise team-based approaches to the delivery of care that authorize health workers to operate within the full scope of their profession;

Focus on Labour market:

  • the further implementation of the WHO Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel;
  • flexible updated labour regulations for the health care workforce;
  • employment of new graduated health workers;
  • negotiations and use of Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements on HRH mobility.