Cross cutting pathways:

  • Solicit resources for training of midwives in the 13 target countries
  • Raise funds for training midwives from Africa through the 1 dollar per African drives of the campaign
  • Support development and implementation of country plans to develop midwives in the target countries

Education pathway:

  • Building and equipping classes, laboratories and practical facilities
  • Increasing number and competencies of tutors
  • Using technology – e and m learning solutions to have more midwives trained
  • Tutor exchange and import between African countries
  • Strengthening government mechanisms to provide financial aid for studying
  • Work with private sector – banks and foundations to provide affordable loans for studying. Setting up rotating funds
  • Providing partial scholarships

Retention pathway:

  • Work with governments and other partners to strengthen the position of midwives and the recognition of midwives role in saving lives in Africa
  • Seek to get a symbolic midwife (Esther Madudu from Uganda) nominated for the nobel peace prize by 2015 to create a platform for recognition and support for midwives across the globe
  • Working with Government to get commitment to employ and improve working conditions for the midwives trained

Skills mix pathway:

  • Support the reviewing and updating curricula for midwives to respond the country needs and standards and enhances acceptability of midwives and the quality of services they provide
  • Support and work with the regulatory bodies, schools and associations to support policies that enhance the midwives accessibility and acceptability

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