Health workers count

Champion a movement for health workers:

  • advocate that governments at all levels institute human resources for health (HRH) action plans to ensure that every person has access to a trained, supported, and equipped health worker
  • work with training institutions and regulatory bodies to foster quality in health worker education so that every health worker is competent to provide quality care.
  • work with professional associations to raise the profile of health workers, promote adherence to high standards of care, foster collaboration, and institute solid governance structures.
  • press global organizations and other civil society actors to support health workforce strengthening efforts in accordance with government commitment to action plans.
  • leverage our resources and expertise to turn HRH policy and commitments into global action.
  • advocate for donors and governments to prioritize and scale up efforts to address HRH.

Support health workers and civil society to advocate for better recognition, support, security, and working conditions.

Support accountability:

  • work with governments, the Global Health Workforce Alliance, and other stakeholders to develop evidence-based frameworks to measure progress toward the goal of health worker access for every person.
  • track and report periodically on progress of public HRH commitments made by governments, including legislation, policies, budgets, strategies, and official speeches.
  • provide citizens and health workers with mechanisms to participate in accountability efforts.
  • increase transparency of our programmatic and technical contributions to national HRH strategies, making our activities easier to track.

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