South Sudan

Cross cutting pathways

  • Review and update the HRH Situation Analysis
  • Review and update the sector-wide HRH Policy
  • Review and update the sector-wide HRH Strategic Plan

Education pathway:

  • Solicit funds for pre-service health training and for professional and infrastructure development
  • Significantly scale up the –pre-service training of midlevel heath workers
  • Standardize midlevel health training institutes and work towards accreditation
  • Review and update curricula for midlevel HRH
  • Establish a National Examination Board to moderate, supervise and conduct national examinations for all midlevel cadres to ensure credibility and quality
  • Increase the number of qualified South Sudanese Tutors to be deployed at midlevel health training institutes
  • Support the pre-service training of eligible South Sudanese students within the African region

Retention pathway:

  • Establish and use a functional HRIS, that is comprehensive, covering fields related to HRH training and professional development, and link it to the payroll and HMIS for effective human resource management
  • Solicit funds for professional development of eligible HRH and strictly adhere to the Scholarship Guidelines based on civil service regulations on leave with pay and the bonding scheme
  • As a short-term measure : targeted recruitment and equitable distribution of qualified health workers to ascertain the availability of health workforce
  • Engage expatriate expertise

Skills mix pathway:

  • Promote regulated task-shifting for Clinical Officers to conduct emergency operations like caesarian sections
  • Medical Officers from South Sudan will be sent for specialized training at universities within the African region