Cambodia, in line with its Health Workforce Development Plan Strategy 2006-2015, is committed to:

  • Strengthen pre-service education as a pillar to improving quality of new graduates. Toward this end Cambodia has established a mechanism to regulate the production of health workforce through national exams. In addition, the MoH is going to strengthen the role of Center for Development of Health Profession – CDHP initiated by WHO to develop/review competency-based curricula based on CCF, capacity building of Faculty members and other training materials for quality of education.
  • Systematic capacity building and continuing education through the development of Licensing and Registration system for Health workforces to improve quality care services to the population with the delegation and empowerment to the professional councils.
  • Universal Health Coverage through:
    • Strengthening existing MoH Regional Training Centers in order to boost the production and quality of health workers to serve their communities, including mechanism for financial and technical support
    • Financial and training incentives to deploy and retain health workers in remote and underserved areas
    • Ensure employment and distribution of qualified health workforces for equity access and safety of population

Strengthening the capacity and capability of stakeholders at central and governorate level to ensure an effective coordination and governance of HRH services

  • The HRH products / outputs of the education/training process (training institutions, training programs, trainers and trainees) is improved in terms of quantities and quality
  • The HR financial planning, budget negotiations and disbursement improved
  • An integrated human resources management system supported to enable the production of annual roll out HRH plans
  • The governorate Health offices with increased capacity to manage HRH