Communities of Practice - The HRH Exchange

New 2012! Members’e-platform

This platform is intended to be a one-stop shop for all members of the Alliance to share information about their activities, to network with like-minded organizations and to collaborate around events and issues. It will also be the principal communication and discussion channel in planning the 3rd Global Forum on Human Resources for Health, which will be held in Brazil from 10 to 13 November, 2013.

The Alliance, with support of the Implementing Best Practices (IBP) Knowledge Gateway/World Health Organization (WHO) hosted a series of online discussions on Human Resources for Health.

Our Communities of Practice, named The Human Resources for Health (HRH) Exchange, is our virtual discussion centre, just one of the spokes in our hub; the Knowledge Centre. The HRH Exchange is aimed at establishing that vital connection for the inter-action of health professionals at all levels, and in all regions of the world. This project of setting up and maintaining Communities of Practice (CoPs) was designed to keep human resources for health issues at the foreground of health policy development in countries worldwide.

First online discussion

The first online discussion was held from 28 April until 8 May 2009 and focused on the issue of "Task Shifting".

Second online discussion

The second discussion of the Alliance Community of Practice "The HRH Exchange" took place from Monday 3 August to Wednesday 12 August 2009. The topic of discussion was: "Essential HRH elements in funding proposals".

Third online discussion

The third online discussion will be held from 4 - 18 May 2010. The topic of discussion will be on Mid-Level Health Workers.

Fourth online discussion

The fourth topic of discussion of the HRH Exchange will be on the key Human Resources for Health policy and advocacy messages of relevance to the health MDGs. The discussion will be held from 12 - 14 July.

Fifth online discussion

The fifth online discussion will be held from 14 - 19 January 2011. The topic of discussion will be on the Second Global Forum on HRH 'Outcome Statement'.

Sixth online discussion

The sixth online discussion will be held from 20 - 30 June 2011. The topic of discussion will be on the development of an ‘HRH Policy Impact Assessment Tool and HRH Toolkit’.