Guideline for regional HRH country strategic planning

Asia Pacific Action Alliance on Human Resources for Health, guidelines

Asia Pacific Action Alliance on Human Resources for Health

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Number of pages: 46
Publication date: 2008
Languages: English


This presentation outlines the process for development regional guidelines for country strategic planning, the results of a situation analysis, the draft regional guidelines developed, and suggested next steps.

The situation analysis highlighted important weaknesses, in particular in information systems for HRH and in HRH planning. The draft guidelines include a number of steps in the development of national HRH plans:

  • conduct a national situation analysis;
  • identify goals of HRH master plan;
  • decide a planning framework;
  • identify key issues that need to be addressed by master plan;
  • identify key result areas of the master plan;
  • develop effective and appropriate implementation strategies;
  • develop operational plans according to logical framework structure;
  • identify key policies and programmes to support master plan;
  • set up monitoring and evaluation scheme;
  • develop plan for annual review and monitoring