Global Health Workforce Alliance - Annual Report 2009

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Global Health Workforce Alliance

Global Health Workforce Alliance - Annual report 2009

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Number of pages: 50
Publication date: 2010


The Alliance report for 2009 is structured around the six strategic directions laid out for 2009–2011 in the document Moving forward from Kampala. It aims to feed back its experiences, achievements and lessons learnt to its stakeholders, as well as pose questions for the future. It seeks to spark discussion, stimulate thinking and invite enhanced collaboration towards collectively achieving a breakthrough.

The first of what will be three yearly reports, the 2009 Annual Report reveals that although much needs to be done, the Alliance is on target with respect to meeting its goals and follow up from the First Global Forum on Human Resources for Health in Kampala in 2007 . As it moves into 2010 with a significant focus on the Second Global Forum on Human Resources for Health, Bangkok, January 2011, it looks forward to serving as a nucleus for a growing movement of committed advocates determined to see positive change.