Adding Value to Health - Global Health Workforce Alliance - Annual Report 2010

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Adding Value to Health - Global Health Workforce Alliance Annual Report 2010

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Number of pages: 48
Publication date: 2011


This Report is the successor to the Alliance’s Catalyst for Change annual report for 2009. It covers the Alliance’s activities and events in 2010, and also builds a bridge between the encouraging recent past and the promising near future. It connects what the Alliance has already achieved with what it aims to achieve in the coming years. And it reconnects the Alliance with the fundamental values that drive it and inspire health workers everywhere.

This year’s report shows how the Alliance is bringing about change through its powerful network of member organizations, its global influence and its impact in countries. It is structured around the following four chapters:

  • Adding Value in Countries: describes how the Alliance contributed to improving the HRH situation at the country level, whether through increased intersectoral coordination (CCF), empowering Community Health Workers or supporting regional networks for HRH action.
  • Making History: relates the efforts of the Alliance in supporting the development and adoption of the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel.
  • Alliance support for the Millennium Development Goals: shows the efforts of the Alliance on fronts such as maternal and child health and universal access to HIV/AIDS services, and how crucial it is to address these issues to achieve the health related MDGs.
  • The lasting value of the Second Global Forum: is about the long journey from Kampala which culminated at the Second Global Forum in Bangkok, in January 2011, and how this major gathering reinvigorated the HRH community with renewed energy, passion and commitment.