Competency Gaps in Human Resource Management in the Health Sector: An Exploratory Study in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda

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Nzomo Mwita-AMREF, Josephat Nyagero-AMREF, Mary O'Neil-MSH, loris Elqura-MSH

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Number of pages: 34
Publication date: 2009
Languages: English


This is an exploratory study of managers with responsibilities for human resource management in health institutions in four East African countries: Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. The purpose of the study was to; document the role and experience of health professionals who are responsible for HRM; identify the challenges faced by these health professionals; and additional skill needed by these professional to address HRM challenges.

The study results indicate that about 68% to 75% of respondents lack the knowledge and skills to carry out many of their HR functions and face many challenges to carry out their work.