A systematic review of the effectiveness of alternative cadres in community based rehabilitation

Article published in Human Resources for Health 2012, 10:20 (13 August 2012)

Mannan H, Boostrom C, MacLachlan M, McAuliffe E, Khasnabis C, Gupta N

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Publication date: 13 August 2012


The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) aim to improve population health and the quality and dignity of people's lives, but their achievement is constrained by the crisis in human resources for health. An important potential contribution towards achieving the MDGs for persons with disabilities will be the newly developed Guidelines for Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), launched in 2010. Given the global shortage of medical and nursing personnel and highly skilled rehabilitation practitioners, effective implementation of the CBR guidelines will require additional health workers, with improved distribution and a new skill set, allowing them to work across the health, education, livelihoods, social, and development sectors.