Effective scale-up: avoiding the same old traps


Gaye P, Nelson D

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Number of pages: 4
Publication date: 2009
Languages: English


This commentary provides an overview of common pitfalls in scaling up training strategies.

Common mistakes and problems include lack of country-level coordination of health training, inequitable access to training, interrupted services, and failure to reinforce skills and knowledge training by addressing other performance factors.

Promising strategies to address these shortcomings include:

  • assessing performance gaps and opportunities before designing a training initiative;
  • addressing performance factors other than skills and knowledge that health workers need to perform well;
  • applying a "learning for performance" approach;
  • standardizing curricula throughout a country;
  • linking pre-service education, in-service training and professional associations;
  • enhancing traditional education;
  • strengthening human resources information systems to improve workforce planning, policies and management;
  • applying technology to meet training needs.

Bibliography: Gaye P, Nelson D. Effective scale-up: avoiding the same old traps. Human Resources for Health 2009, 7:2