HRH roadmap input

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Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative

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Number of pages: 7
Publication date: 2007
Languages: English


This memo outlines the suggestions of HWAI for essential elements that should form the backbone of the HRH Roadmap expected to emerge from the first Global Forum on Human Resources for Health.

HWAI identified the following as top priorities:

  • the need to develop health workforce plans that are targeted on the achievement of MDGs and other health goals and commitments;
  • the need for concrete frameworks and commitments on sufficient and sustainable financing to implement national health workforce plans;
  • the need to eliminate overly restrictive macroeconomic constraints that constrain spending of needed domestic and external financing;
  • the need to integrate a human rights perspective throughout the Roadmap;
  • the need to develop a specific, ambitious yet achievable, branded target for the Forum, such as 700,000 new health workers by 2012.