The Informed Decisions Toolbox: tools for knowledge transfer and performance improvement


Rundall TG et al

Publication details

Number of pages: 17
Publication date: 2007
Languages: English


This tool provides guidance to health care managers on how to take decisions informed by evidence.

Numerous barriers hinder health care managers' use of evidence in decision making exist, including time pressures, perceived threats to autonomy, preference for colloquial knowledge based on individual experiences, difficulty accessing the relevant evidence base, reliance on external consultants

The tool identifies sequential steps needed for a better-informed decision making:

  • framing the management question;
  • finding information sources;
  • assessing the accuracy of information;
  • assessing applicability of information;
  • analysing actionability of the evidence;
  • determining if the information basis is adequate.

Bibliography: Rundall TG, Martelli PF, Arroyo L, McCurdy R, Graetz I, Neuwirth EB, Curtis P, Schmittdiel J, Gibson M, Hsu J. The informed decisions toolbox: tools for knowledge transfer and performance improvement J Healthc Manag. 2007;52(5):325-41.