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Publication date: 2010


The main objective of the MeduProf-S Academy X-ray Pattern Recognition Course is to provide information to equip Radiographers, Doctors, Clinical Officers and Diploma / Degree Graduate Nurses with X-ray Pattern Recognition Skills in order to make Radiography services (particularly in the rural areas in Africa) more efficient and as fully functional as possible.

The course has been divided into six modules which are available free of charge. Additional components are available at an additional cost. On completion of ALL of the components of this course the course participant will be able to fill in a structured Pattern Recognition Protocol Form for a given part of the body. This information can then be used by the referring clinician to make a firm diagnosis of his/her patient.

The areas covered by the course include Chest, Abdomen, Skeletal System, Skull and Facial Bones as these are the most common sites of disease requiring imaging in the majority of regions in Africa.