Work satisfaction of professional nurses in South Africa: a comparative analysis of the public and private sectors

Case study

Rubin Pillay

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Number of pages: 10
Publication date: 2009
Languages: English


To assess the job satisfaction of nurses in south Africa, a self administered questionnaire was developed to determine the extent of work satisfaction among nurses and to examine the variables influencing different aspects of job satisfaction like autonomy, relationship with colleagues, patient care, personal time, relationship with management, career opportunities, safety, pay, workload and satisfaction with the career.

Private-sector nurses were generally found to be more satisfied with their job, while public-sector nurses were generally dissatisfied. Public-sector nurses were most dissatisfied with their pay, the workload and the resources available to them. The study highlighted the overall dissatisfaction among South African nurses and confirmed the disparity between the levels of job satisfaction between the public and private sectors.