Resources spotlight - March 2011

The Alliance has recently added one hundred new resources to the knowledge centre. Below is a selection highlighting ten newly added resources, providing a snapshot of the type of products made available through the knowledge centre.

  • Paying Primary Health Care Centers for Performance in Rwanda
    Members document - The World Bank (2010)

    After the success of the pilot P4P scheme, the Government of Rwanda in 2006 implemented a national pay for performance scheme. The scheme pays for 14 maternal and child health care output indicators.

  • Evaluated strategies to increase attraction and retention of health workers in remote and rural areas
    Members document - WHO (2010)

    This is an analysis of studies that have conducted the evaluation of different intervention to attract and retain the health workers in remote and rural areas. This paper also discusses the gaps in the research as most of these studies come from high income countries with evaluation of the programmes targeted at physicians, methodological challenges in designs of these studies and scope of these studies.

  • Women on the front lines of health care. State of the World's Mothers 2010
    Members document - Save the Children (2010)

    This Save the Children report examines the critical role played by female health workers in saving the lives of women, newborn and young children. The report points out how investment in training and deployment of these female health workers had saved lives and how low cost and low tech solutions, if widely available, can save millions of lives.