Factors affecting recruitment and retention of community health workers in a newborn care intervention in Bangladesh

Peer reviewed article

Syed Moshfiqur Rahman, Nabeel Ashraf Ali, Larissa Jennings, M Habibur R Seraji, Ishtiaq Mannan, Rasheduzzaman Shah, Arif Billah Al-Mahmud, Sanwarul Bari, Daniel Hossain, Milan Krishna Das, Abdullah H Baqui, Shams El Arifeen, Peter J Winch

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Number of pages: 14
Publication date: 2010
Languages: English


This case study explores the reasons for the high rates of female community health workers attrition in a newborn care intervention implemented under the project for advancing the health of newborns and mothers (Projahnmo) in Sylhet District, north-eastern Bangladesh

This project required technically skilled community health workers, adept in clinical assessment with superior counseling skills and their attrition was negatively impacting the effectiveness of this intervention. The paper also presents a framework for decision making process for taking up the job of community health worker, continuation and/or leaving the job. This study also suggests some actions which might help reduce the attrition or increase the retention of community health workers.