Resource requirement tool


Global Health Workforce Alliance (Taskforce on Human Resources for Health Financing) , Results for Development Institute

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Number of pages: 19
Publication date: 2008
Languages: English


The Resource Requirements Tool (RRT) is a hands-on, Excel-based tool that is ready for countries to apply to (i) estimate and project the resources required for meeting their HRH plans; (ii) analyze the plans’ affordability; (iii) simulate “what if” scenarios; (iv) facilitate the monitoring of scale up plans; (v) contribute to the development of the cost and financing component of Human Resource Management Information Systems.

The RRT includes three interlocking modules on: (1) Comprehensive costs of employment (salaries, benefits, in-service training, special bonuses and conditions) in the public sector, while accounting for HRH employed in the private sector; (2) Costs of pre-service training to meet HRH plans, while accounting for HRH demand and production in the private sector, and (3) Affordability of HRH employment and pre-service training.