Scaling Up, Saving Lives


World Health Organization, Global Health Workforce Alliance (Taskforce on Scaling up Education and Training)

Publication details

Number of pages: 123
Publication date: 2008
Languages: English


This report produced by the Task Force on Scaling Up Education and Training presents evidence of previous scale-up initiatives around the world and provides guidance on how best to replicate these examples on a larger scale.

The report was produced as a follow-up to the 2006 World Health Assembly Resolution 59.23, where Member States urged particular attention to the issue of rapidly increasing the quantity and quality of health personnel.

Identifying a shortage of 1.5 million health workers in Africa alone, and financial needs of approximately 2.6 billion US $ a year, the report urges Governments to develop long-term human resources development plans, prioritise community health workers and mid-level workers, develop curricula based on health needs; furthermore it urges development partners to provide coordinated and predictable long-term financial support to national scale up plans.