What Do Doctors Want? Developing Incentives for Doctors to Serve in Indonesia's Rural and Remote Areas

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Kenneth M. Chomitz, Gunawan Setiadi, Azrul Azwar medicasl choolsa, Nusye Isinail, Widiyarti

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Number of pages: 48
Publication date: 1998
Languages: English


To guide the development of incentives for services in rural and remote areas of Indonesia, this paper analyse two sets of data about physicians: (1) the locations chosen by graduating medical students before and after a major change in the incentive system, and (2) survey data on choices among hypothetical assignments differing in compensation, career prospects, and amenities at various locations.

The findings suggest that doctors from the outer Islands are far more willing to serve in remote areas. It may be worthwhile to increase the representation of outer Island students in medical schools (perhaps through scholarships and assistance in pre-university preparation). Remote areas can be staffed using cash incentives.