Perceptions of working conditions amongst health workers in state-owned facilities in northeastern Nigeria

Peer reviewed article

Chirdan O, Akosu JT, Ejembi CL, Bassi AP, Zoakah AI

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Number of pages: 6
Publication date: 2009
Languages: English


This study assesses perceptions of working conditions, i.e., those related to workload, salary, quality of supervision, staff welfare, career development, etc. amongst health care workers in northeastern Nigeria.

The results indicate that generally the level of job satisfaction was high. Although salaries were important, other factors such as, conflict at work, freedom of expression, managerial support for staff welfare, managerial support for staff career development, availability of tools and consumables in the workplace and progress towards personal professional goals appear to play a role in motivation and job satisfaction.The studay states "it was unexpected to find such a high proportion of health workers feeling satisfied with their salaries in view of the fact that a major cause of health worker migration in Africa is better remuneration." [Adapted from abstract]