Health worker shortages in Zambia: An assessment of government responses

Article published in the Journal of Public Health Policy

Jeff Gowa,b, Gavin Georgeb, Given Mutintab, Sylvia Mwambac, and Lutungu Ingombec

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Number of pages: 13
Publication date: August 2011


Inadequate funding, support, and infrastructure in Zambia has over many years resulted in a neglected health system with poor facilities and workers who feel undervalued. The motivation and commitment of existing health workers will be enhanced by improving their conditions of service. While increased salaries would be welcomed, they are not the primary motivating factor of health workers. Even with significant gains in training enrollments, retention, graduation, and public sector entry, Zambia is likely to operate with a shortage of human resources for health for at least the next decade unless alternative means of addressing this shortage are introduced.