Policies and Plans for Human Resources for Health: Guidelines for Countries in the WHO African Region

Guidelines by the WHO Regional Office for Africa

Jennifer Nyoni, Akpa Gbary, Magda Awases, Prosper Ndecki and Rufaro Chatora

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Publication date: 2006


The aim of these guidelines is to support WHO Member countries in HRH development, assessment of HRH, the situation, policy, and plan formulation with a view to achieving a level of comprehensiveness and consistency at country level.

The guidelines discuss the HRH process, situation analysis, and suggest policy and plan development in the context of overall national health policies and strategies. The guidelines explain how to formulate, develop and review the HRH situation, policies and plans with the flexibility necessary for each country.

The 3 main outputs -- the situation, the policy, and the plan are discussed in 3 separate sections for clarity. The 5 annexes providing what are essentially templates for the key outputs are very helpful.