Building Stronger Human Resources for Health through Licensure, Certification and Accreditation

Capacity Project: knowledge sharing - Technical brief 3

Edgar Necochea

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Publication date: 2006


Intended users:

Persons involved in the credentialing of health care providers, facilities and educational institutions.


Credentialing of health care providers, facilities and educational institutions is an integral component in building and sustaining robust human resources for health (HRH) systems.

The credentialing mechanisms—licensure/registration, certification and accreditation—are among the most frequently used quality assurance tools in health care and serve as valuable instruments in the broader function of health care regulation.

This useful 4 page technical brief examines the characteristics and potential advantages of these mechanisms and common challenges faced in implementing them in low resource settings.

The toolkit appears at first rather text-heavy but it is filled with bullet point lists, questionnaires, boxes to check off, and practical guidance in problem-solving.