Guiding Principles for National Health Workforce Strategies


Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative

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Publication date: 2008


These guidelines address the following 2 main questions: 1) What should these plans – which should be country-developed and country-led – contain? 2) How should they be developed to give them the best chance of significantly improving health outcomes and moving countries as rapidly as possible towards universal access to essential health interventions?

These guidelines should serve as overarching principles that will promote the success of health workforce plans, while ensuring that they are consistent with human rights.

The right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health requires that these plans adhere to principles including equity, participation, and accountability, that they are based on major health needs of the population, that they make quality health care available, affordable, and accessible for everyone, that they represent continued progress towards filling this right, and that states spend the maximum of available resources towards meeting this and other human rights.