The Human Resources for Health Toolkit


The Global Health Workforce Alliance (the Alliance), in exercise of its core functions of advocacy (A), brokering knowledge (B) and convening partnerships and stakeholders (C) has received a number of requests and expressions of interest by countries and other stakeholders, for user-friendly tools for carrying out required interventions in addressing the Human Resources for Health (HRH) challenges through implementing the Country Coordination and Facilitation (CCF) principles and process.

This toolkit brings together a set of existing tools that are in use for various aspects of country level HRH development, including situation analysis, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The toolkit includes products of the Alliance and others used in addressing HRH issues, presented in a user-friendly format for ease of use at the country level. There are many tools developed by different agencies at different points in time. This toolkit builds on products of previous work of the Alliance commissioned, convened or supported technical working groups and task forces, its members and partners, and other sources. In particular, the Human Resources for Health Action Framework (HAF) has made a critical contribution to provide the basis for HRH development.

The toolkit is meant to help the countries in developing, implementing, and monitoring evidence-based HRH plans. It may also be used by those wishing to review or validate their current HRH plans and interventions. It is expected to support countries and other stakeholders’ efforts to develop or augment the capacity to effectively lead, plan and manage their health workforce in an integrated way within their overall health system development. It should be seen as a work in progress and users are encouraged to share their views and experiences on its use as well as suggest improvements in terms of tools to be added or removed.

The Alliance is grateful to the following people for their contributions in creating this toolkit: George Pariyo, Ellen Rosskam, Muhammad Mahmood Afzal, Sonali Reddy, Yann Siegenthaler.

The toolkit is being provided on this web site as well as on CD-ROM. To request a CD-ROM copy, please send an email to