The Human Resources for Health Toolkit


A useful framework has been developed that incorporates various aspects of the development and implementation of evidence-based, comprehensive HRH interventions into one framework. It is the Human Resources for Health (HRH) Action Framework (HAF), developed by the technical working group on tools and guidelines of the Alliance in collaboration with some of its members and partners the Capacity Project, WHO, World Bank and others.

The HAF has been and is still widely used. It has components which include leadership, governance and stewardship, policy, partnership, education, finance and human resources management (HRM) systems. These correspond to the action fields in the HAF. Interventions to address HRH challenges are applied in a cyclical manner starting with a situation analysis, HRH planning (including costing), implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation. These are referred to as the HRH action cycle. There is no shortage of guidelines and tools and other resources, many of which are identified in the HAF.

The HAF has proved to be a useful framework for a comprehensive approach. It addresses health workforce shortages, uneven distribution, gaps in skills and competencies, low retention in deprived areas such as rural communities, poor motivation of staff leading to high attrition and burn-out syndrome.

The toolkit is being provided on this web site as well as on CD-ROM. To request a CD-ROM copy, please send an email to