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A selection of audio, video and webcast materials from Global Health Workforce Alliance and partners related to addressing the health workforce crisis.

"Imagine..." Animated film highlighting key issues and messages of the health workforce crisis

Follow 'Flo', a skilled health worker who leaves her home in search of a better life. What happens to the people she leaves behind? Launched at the opening ceremony of the Second Global Forum on Human Resources for Health in Bangkok (25-29 January 2011), the film offers a simple yet compelling message: a health worker for everyone, everywhere.

Documentary film "Doctors & Nurses" produced by Rockhopper TV

15 January 2010 - Documentary film "Doctors & Nurses", part of the BBC World News series "Kill or Cure", featuring struggles of health workers in both developed and developing countries.

World Health Day 2009: "Save lives. Make hospitals safe in emergencies"

7 April 2009 - Video interview with the Alliance Executive Director on the occasion of World Health Day 2009.

Leaders in Healthcare Conference, Dubai, UAE

26 January 2009 - Interview with Dr Mubashar Sheikh at the Arab Health Congress 2009. The theme for the 2009 edition of the conference was "The Future of Healthcare".

2008 Clinton Group Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting: working session

25 September 2008 - The 2008 CGI Annual Meeting featured a special Working Session entitled: Global Health - Expanding the Global Health Workforce.

Satellite Session: HIV and Human Resources for Health: competing priorities or interconnected solutions?

3 August 2008 - GHWA, UNAIDS and IAS co-hosted a special session on the links between the health workforce crisis and the AIDS response at the 2009 International AIDS Conference held in Mexico City, Mexico.

Public Service Announcement: "Global Village"

Public Service Announcement highlighting the need to work together for health - seeing the world like a 'global village'. Produced by WHO for the World Health report 2006.

Public Service Announcement: "Development threats"

Public Service Announcement highlighting how the shortage of health workers threatens health and development progress. Produced by WHO for the World Health report 2006.

Public Service Announcement: "Human factor"

Public Service Announcement highlighting health workers as the heat of all health systems. Produced by WHO for the World Health report 2006.

Central African Republic, a silent crisis

Video feature focusing on the chronic health workforce crisis in Central African Republic. Produced by WHO for the World Health report 2006.

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