HRH Action Framework (HAF) - Taking Stock meeting, 5-7 May 2009, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

HRH Action Framework

"Assessing Progress So Far, Looking Ahead"

The main objective of the meeting organized by the Capacity Project, one of the partners of GHWA and in collaboration with WHO, both of whom are implementing the HAF, was to review the progress done so far in implementing the HRH Action Framework (HAF) at regional and country level. The gathering brought together participants from all regions of the world who shared experiences on the use of the HAF, identified challenges, explored potential further development of the tool and brainstormed on the implications for the future. Furthermore, the experiences shared at the meeting demonstrated the interesting and varied ways in which the HAF is beign implemented

Shortly, the Alliance who provided support in bringing some of the participants from different parts of the world to the meeting, will be working with the Capacity Project to provide background documentation on the meeting, meeting report as well as meeting presentations on this web page.