"No Health Workforce. No Health MDGs. Is that acceptable?"

Side event at the UN MDG Summit, 21 September 2010, 11:00am-1pm, United Nations Headquarters, New York

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The UN Secretary-General’s report on the progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Keeping the Promise, recognizes that health workers are of “paramount importance to speed up progress where current trends make achievement of the MDGs unlikely.”

Despite the scale of the human resource response required, and significant progress in some countries, investments in the health workforce remain inadequate, and the global response quite disproportionate to the scale and importance of the challenge. The MDG Summit 2010 is a major opportunity to draw attention of Heads of States and key policymakers to the urgent need for a comprehensive response to the HRH crisis, if we are to achieve the MDGs by 2015.

The Global Health Workforce Alliance with the Governments of Norway, Brazil and Cameroon and the Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative hosted a side event at the UN MDG Summit, on Tuesday 21 September 2010, from 11:00 am - 1 pm at the CR2, North Lawn Building, United Nations Headquarters.

The purpose of the side event was to advocate for a full recognition that Human Resources for Health are critical to achieving the MDGs. Distinguished panelists focused attention on the theme - No health workforce, No MDGs, and elaborated on the desperate need for additional trained, motivated and supported health workers, and the impact of the crisis on health outcomes, economic progress and the political climate.

Event programme:

HE Professor David Mpande, Minister of Health of Malawi delivered the keynote address. Dr Mubashar Sheikh, Global Health Workforce Alliance Executive Director delivered the welcome address. The event was moderated by Dr Joia Mukherjee, Clinical Director, Partners in Health.

Invited panelists included:

  • HE André Mama Fouda, Minister of Public Health, Cameroon
  • HE Professor David Mpande, Minister of Health, Malawi
  • Dr Bjorn-Inge Larsen, Director of Health, Norway
  • Dr Francisco Eduardo de Campos, Ministry of Health, Brazil
  • Mr Kiyoshi Kodera, Vice President, JICA, Japan
  • Michael Anderson, Director-General, Policy & Global Issues, Dfid, UK
  • Dr Carolyn Miller, Chief Executive, Merlin

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