Symposium for Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacy Support Workforce

3-4 October 2012 during the FIP Centennial Congress in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

FIP believes that an interactive platform for international pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy support personnel is essential for providing and evolving exceptional pharmaceutical care in all practice settings, regardless of the vast differences in education and training around the world. As such, the FIP Centennial will host the first Symposium for Pharmacy Technicians, consolidating efforts and fostering a holistic approach to bettering patient care worldwide.

The inaugural Symposium will consist of three sessions, addressed by both pharmacy technicians and pharmacists in an effort to further bridge the gap between pharmacy personnel:

  • • Role of the Pharmacy Technician Worldwide - The role of the pharmacy technicians is very different in the various countries.
  • • Education for the Pharmacy Support Staff - Across the world pharmacy support workforce training varies from certificate programs to diploma.
  • • Patient Safety - how can technicians best support patient safety initiatives in the pharmacy?

For the latest programme updates and to register please visit the FIP Congress website

Two options for registering to the two day FIP Pharmacy Technicians Symposium

  • Register for the full FIP Congress and tick the box to go to the symposium as a pre-satellite for an extra €200 (exc. VAT). For information and registration for the full FIP Congress, please click here
  • Register for the Pharmacy Technicians Symposium only, for € 400 (exc. VAT). In this case you will not be registered for the FIP Congress and therefore you will not be able to attend any other Sessions or Social Events (Museum night, Welcome reception, etc.). To register only for the Pharmacy Technicians Symposium, please click here

All topics will be considered from an international perspective, resulting in regional overviews North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. To define the different roles in various countries, the Symposium will start with presenting the results from 'the Global Pharmacy Support Workforce survey', providing a global picture of the broader non-pharmacist workforce involved in medicines supply.

After the Symposium, FIP will produce and disseminate a document highlighting results of the Symposium and suggested ways forward that were discussed in the meeting. FIP is very pleased to host this pivotal event for the first time at the Centennial Conference in Amsterdam.

For more information or questions please contact Myriah Lesko:

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