HRH at the 67th World Health Assembly

25 April 2014 - This is an exciting time in global health. The global community is making palpable progress in steering a direction for a contemporary human resources of health agenda towards universal health coverage that will be relevant to the post-2015 development agenda (2015-2030). The message at the 3rd Global Forum on HRH (November 2013) was loud and clear - human resources for health are central in translating the vision of universal health coverage into reality. Country representatives at the Forum adopted the ‘Recife Political Declaration on Human Resources for Health: renewed commitments towards universal health coverage’.

The momentum generated at Forum is now being carried forward to the upcoming 67th World Health Assembly, which takes place in Geneva from 19 - 23 May 2014. The ‘Recife Political Declaration on Human Resources for Health is on the agenda at the Assembly. Furthermore, several Member states of the WHO are hosting official side events and activities with an HRH-focus:

Framing a Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health - (Hosted by Norway; co-hosted by Japan) - 22nd May 2014 | 17.45 – 19.15 | Room: XII (12), Palais de Nations.

The event will provide an update on general trends emerging from the global consultation on HRH in the post-2015 agenda, being coordinated by GHWA.
The event will also launch a new book, published by the WHO - Migration of health workers: The WHO Code of Practice and the Global Economic Crisis. The book which underlines WHO's unwavering commitment to supporting the Code implementation provides a wide range of country examples of how countries are tackling the many complex issues involved.

Universal health coverage starts at the grassroots – Are community health workers cost-effective? (Hosted by United Kingdom) - 23 May 2014 | 12:30-14:00 | Room: XV (15), Palais de Nations

There is significant evidence showing community health workers can be effective in delivering essential health care, but with a dearth of studies on their cost-effectiveness: policy makers are faced with the dilemma whether community health workers programmes represent good value for money. This side event will provide the opportunity to present and discuss the preliminary results of a ground-breaking study - funded by the UK Department of International Development, and coordinated by GHWA - on the cost-effectiveness of community health worker programmes implemented at scale in low- and middle-income countries. (Attendance to this event is by invitation only, please write to us if you are attending the Assembly and would like to join us at the event)

Community Health Care – Still a missing link in National Health Systems? (Hosted by Bangladesh: co-hosted by Japan) - 23 May 2014 | 12:30-14:00 | Room: IX (9), Palais de Nations

Community health care (CHC) is central to integrated, people centred & quality service delivery. It is also vital to achieve the health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Several Member States are implementing multiple pathways in their efforts on CHC. Bangladesh has taken action on community based service delivery through a large scale systematic deployment of community health workers (CHWs), which has led to impressive improvements in health indicators. The event will share various country experiences on the roles of CHWs in delivering community health care.