High-Level Taskforce on Innovative Financing for Health Systems meets in London

The High-Level Taskforce on Innovative Financing to strengthen health systems in the poorest countries in the world was launched at the UN Millennium Development Summit September 2008 and is co-chaired by UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and World Bank President Robert Zoellick.

At a follow up meeting of the Taskforce in London on March 13, a preliminary report from the Taskforce's independent working group was presented to the leaders, which warns that unless donors and developing countries meet international targets for increasing support to health, the funding gap will be an estimated $30 billion a year by 2015 and the health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will not be met. Prior to the meeting of the Taskforce members, a special consultation took place to share and discuss the preliminary findings of the Working Group report with civil society.

The health workforce and financial implications of scaling up numbers of health workers are central to the work of the Taskforce and the drive to achieve the health related MDGs.

The Global Health Workforce Alliance Secretariat, a number of key Alliance members and the Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative participated in the consultation.