Alliance launches new enhanced Members & Partners web section

The Alliance has a broad base of members and partners. Members are the organizations that joined the Alliance through an application process. Partners provide support and collaborate with the Alliance members and the Secretariat.

This section of the web site provides profile pages for each of the Members and Partners, featuring general information on the organizations, specific mentions of their work in the area of HRH and links back to their web sites.

The profile pages are also to host products and projects that the Member organizations wish to highlight and share with the rest of the community. Alliance Members and Partners are therefore invited to submit any relevant knowledge products, documents, reports, tools, multimedia and links to specific web sites by sending an email to

The Alliance membership is currently composed of the following:

  • 71 Academic and research institutions
  • 13 Foundations
  • 14 National governments
  • 61 Non-governmental organizations / Civil society
  • 20 Private corporations
  • 17 Professional associations
  • 8 United Nations agencies
  • 26 of other categories such as hospitals, institutions, networks, and unions.

In an effort to build greater synergies within the community, the Alliance is calling on members and partners to contribute and populate their profile pages. All relevant products such as documents, reports, tools, and multimedia materials can be added on these pages. The Alliance Secretariat welcomes proactive contributions, feedback and suggestions for improvements by all members and partners to be sent to