Alliance Board congratulates current progress on the development of the Global Code of Practice on international recruitment of health personnel

2 February 2010, Bangkok, Thailand | The Global Health Workforce Alliance (the Alliance) Board warmly appreciates the ongoing process of Code development and congratulates the 126th Session of the WHO Executive Board for its decision to submit the draft Code to the 63rd World Health Assembly.

In May 2007, the Alliance convened and facilitated the Health Worker Migration Initiative that worked with WHO in support of developing a framework for the draft Code. During the First Global Forum on Human Resources for Health in March 2008, the Alliance endorsed the Kampala Declaration and Agenda for Global Action, further promoting the Code. In December 2008, the Alliance Board also encouraged the accelerated action by WHO in this regard.

The current progress has been achieved as a result of discussions at all six WHO Regional Committees and national consultations, involving participation by many stakeholder groups. The process has been participatory and inclusive. The UN ECOSOC meeting and the G8 Summit in July 2009, and the UN General Assembly in December 2009 have encouraged WHO to finalize a Code of Practice for international recruitment of health personnel.

As the nature of the draft Code requires global collaboration and information sharing, in particular, on international movement of human resources, the Alliance encourages all WHO Member States and partners to work together in implementing the Code, once adopted. As we move forward, the Alliance commits itself to facilitate and support the sharing of information among all Member States and stakeholders.

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