PPE's new fact sheet on information needs of health professionals

“Positive Practice Environments (PPE): Meeting the information needs of health professionals” is the new tool in the PPE Campaign toolkit.

Partners of the PPE Campaign, an initiative supported by the Alliance and spearheaded by six leading health professional associations, have launched recently a fact sheet highlighting the information needs of health professionals. The fact sheet was prepared by "Healthcare Information for All by 2015 (HIFA2015)", a global campaign and knowledge network with more than 3000 members from 1800 organizations in 150 countries worldwide.

The central message of the fact sheet is that information access is critical for health professionals to provide safe, appropriate and effective care. Reliable and relevant information is considered equally important as access to medicines and equipment. All of these are essential tools in the delivery of health care and/or advice. Up-to-date information is vital in guarding against adverse clinical events. Health information underpins quality service delivery and supports the continuing professional development of health professionals.

Information needs are contextual and highly variable in place and time, and vary according to different health professionals in diverse circumstances. A variety of approaches are required to meet those needs. Traditional, printed materials such as books, and job aids such as wall-charts and simple printed guidelines, remain important. These are increasingly being complemented by a range of newer media including stand-alone computer technologies, internet resources, wireless technologies and smart phones.

The fact sheet completes the existing Campaign toolkit, which includes general fact sheets, guidelines, posters and other advocacy material. All of these are available from the PPE Campaign multilingual web site from the link below.

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