GENEVA, 15 January 2010 | Award winning BBC World News documentary series "Kill or Cure", produced by Rockhopper TV, broadcast a new documentary "Doctors and Nurses" featuring struggles of health workers in both developed and developing countries.

The film portrays a real-life journey of Dr Brian Kubwalo, a Malawian doctor working in Manchester, UK, who embarks on a personal quest to find out whether he should go back to his native Malawi, where his skills are sorely missed, or stay in Manchester, where he can provide better future for his children.

Zooming on constraints such as heavy workload and low wages for health workers in countries such as Malawi and Pakistan, the film also raises alarm bells on a true global nature of health worker shortages that are experienced in developed countries, such as the UK as well.

In the film Dr Mubashar Sheikh, Executive Director of the Alliance, explains about the need to invest more in health workforce to manage retention and migration of vitally needed trained personnel in order to resolve this global crisis. "It is critical that the countries that are facing shortages of health workers invest more and produce more health workers to create an environment where the health workers can stay," says Dr Sheikh in the film.

The film "Doctors and Nurses" was broadcast by BBC World News on 19-22 January 2010. If you wish to use the film for information, education or advocacy purposes, you can request for DVD copies, by writing to

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