Alliance welcomes the introduction into the U.S. Congress of the Global HEALTH Act of 2010 and calls its members and partners to support the bill

Geneva, 26 March 2010 | The Alliance welcomes the introduction of the Global HEALTH Act of 2010 in the U.S. House of Representatives, and invites its members and partners to support the bill. This important legislation addresses critical global health issues with a prominent focus on improving weak health systems by establishing a Global Health Workforce Initiative, which would assist developing countries in strengthening their indigenous health workforces.

The Initiative would initially include a minimum of 12 countries (yet to be selected), with the bill authorizing 2 billion US$ over five years to help countries recruit, train, retain, equitably distribute, and increase the effectiveness of their health workforce.

Among other things the bill would also require the U.S. Government to develop a comprehensive U.S. global health strategy through a broad consultative process, promote effective national health strategies in developing countries and support meaningful civil society involvement in national health decision-making. The bill also sets out to improve health services for marginalized populations as an overarching U.S. global health objective, and encourages countries to similarly address equity within their own health strategies.

The Alliance members and other organizations interested in supporting the legislation can contact Deepika Allana at CHANGE ( Your organization’s name will be added to a sign-on letter to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs (link below). Additionally, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), an Alliance partner, is developing an action alert for World Health Day, 7 April, aimed at mobilizing co-sponsors for the Global HEALTH Act of 2010. If you would like to join in PHR's action alert, please contact Sarah Kalloch ( at PHR.