Strengthened African Platform on Human Resources for Health

African Platform on Human Resources for Health (APHRH) Group Photo, September 2011, Kampala, Uganda

A consensus building meeting on strategies to revamp the African Platform on Human Resources for Health (APHRH) took place in Kampala, Uganda, from 5-6 September 2011. The goal of the meeting was to further articulate and build consensus on a proposed framework for a “Revamped Institutional Mechanism” for the African Platform on HRH. 29 experts came together and agreed on the way forward and on an initial three year business plan. Concretely the group updated the Platform's guiding principles, revised governance arrangements, and developed a business plan with implementation arrangements.

Recently, the APHRH Interim Board met in Pretoria for the Regional Consultation on scaling up capacity of health workforce for improved health services. The composition of the new Governing Board was discussed and endorsed at the final plenary session.

The new Governing Board, chaired by Dr Francis Omaswa (ACHEST) is comprised of members from country Governments: Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, Mozambique; WHO Afro; African Union Commission; Regional Economic Communities: (WAHO, ECSA. SDAC. OCEAC); African Development Bank; Academia: African Medical Schools Association (AMSA); Professional Associations: Nurses & Midwives Association, & African Public Health Association, African Regulatory Bodies Association; CSOs / NGOs: (AMREF, Africa Public Health and 15% + Campaign) and Observers such as the Alliance and development partners.

The main outcome of the Pretoria meeting is a Road Map currently being finalized to be owned by all African Stakeholders. The meeting re-affirmed the strong commitment of African institutions and their partners to work together, through a strengthened common platform, in addressing the HRH crisis facing the African continent.