Raise your hand for a female health worker today

Merlin's Olga from Central African Republic
© Merlin
Merlin’s Olga looks after three health facilities in rural Central African Republic and oversees training of 30 health workers.

To celebrate the 100th International Women’s Day, Merlin’s Hands Up For Health Workers campaign team is championing female health workers on the frontline, highlighting the remarkable work they do and the lives they save.

Click here to meet one of these remarkable health workers – Merlin’s Olga, from conflict-affected Central African Republic (CAR).

Olga’s job is to look after three of the 11 health facilities Merlin supports in rural CAR. In total, she oversees the training of 30 health workers.

She travels between each clinic, helping to train staff as she goes, as well as make sure drugs are stocked and patients are receiving the care they need. In six short months, the difference she’s helped bring about is enormous.

Merlin's Olga from Central African Republic
© Merlin
Olga is one of the many female health workers trained and supported by Merlin.

Olga’s from the Central African Republic but she didn’t realise the extent to which rural health care had been abandoned:

“I’ve spent most of my professional life in Bangui, the capital, where you’re cushioned against reality. Coming here, I realised how neglected health care has been. For the first time I realised that CAR doesn’t even have the minimum level of basic health care. We’ve gone backwards.”

Ending needless deaths starts with training health workers

The difference one health worker like Olga can make is remarkable, imagine if there were many more?

Raise your hand today and you’ll be joining thousands of others including Diane Abbott MP, Lynne Featherstone MP and Margot Wallstrom from the UN who are all supporting female health workers on the frontline. Together we can make sure health workers get the investment they need.