Spanish Parliamentarians sensitized to international health workforce migration

Spanish Parliamentarians meeting in Madrid, 21 March 2011
© Spanish Federation of Family Planning (FPFE)
Dr Cometto from the Alliance introduced Spanish parliamentarians to the HRH crisis, with special focus on migration

Members of the Spanish and the Catalan All Party Parliamentary Groups on Population, Development and Reproductive Health met in Madrid on 21 March to discuss progress, challenges and strategies to achieve the objectives as outlined in the Plan of Action of the UN Commission on Population and Development. The Alliance was invited to address and sensitize participants to the health workforce crisis, particularly to the issue of international migration of health workers.

"How exactly the WHO Code of practice on international recruitment of health personnel is implemented is up to member states. One issue that is clear is that effective implementation of the Code will require the collaboration of many actors: ministries of health, labour, finance, regulatory and accreditation bodies, international organizations, private sector employers and health service providers, professional associations, parliaments, etc. [...] WHO, however is working through a series of consultations on the development of guidelines to assist member states in making the Code objectives and principles a practical reality" said Dr Giorgio Cometto, Adviser to the Executive Director at the Alliance.

The meeting was organized by the Spanish Federation of Family Planning, with support from Alliance member Action for Global Health, UNFPA and IPPF. A Statement will be available shortly and will be submitted to the Spanish Government in the lead up to the 44th session of the UN Commission on Population and Development, to be held in New York, from 11-15 April.