Expanded web outreach through social media and multilingual

The Alliance is pleased to announce a number of significant developments on the web site.

New look and feel

The site has been recently redesigned along with the World Health Organization's corporate web site. The new look and feel is neat and simple, and should give a pleasant navigation experience to visitors. The design will be further improved gradually, adding highlight features to better guide visitors to the core products and activities. The search function has been upgraded to improve the relevance and accuracy of the search results.


The site is now available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese. The master language channel is the English. All the new features, stories and resources will be made available on the English site first. The other language sites provide core information about the Alliance, its structure, goals, activities and resources. In addition, the French and Spanish site will be further developed to reflect the information relevant to the respective language communities.

Visit the language sites by clicking on the language tab at the top right hand corner of this page, or follow the URLs:

Social media

Starting in early 2010 with the creation of a video channel on YouTube dedicated to the health workforce crisis, the Alliance is pleased to announce its new Flickr, Facebook and Twitter pages. The social media platforms are tools that can greatly contribute to one of the Alliance core function, namely to convene partners, members and all interested parties to better work together to resolve the global workforce crisis.

We encourage all members, partners and friends of the Alliance to join and follow us on YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter at the following URLs:

Facebook icon
Twitter icon
Flickr icon
YouTube icon

We hope these new web site developments will prove to be useful tools for the community of people working on Human Resources for Health and beyond, and to break the language divide that too often prevents large numbers of potential contributors to engage with us.

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