External Evaluation of the Global Health Workforce Alliance

Dear members and partners,

Having reached the critical juncture of 5 years of existence in its original 10-year mandate, the Board of the Global Health Workforce Alliance (the Alliance) last year commissioned an external evaluation of its work to date, with a view to take stock of our experience so far, and help define a strategic framework for the following years.

The external evaluation, which was conducted by the firm Oxford Policy Management, recognized several important areas of contribution and value added of the Alliance, together with some areas that require improvements.

The Alliance Board thoroughly examined its findings through a Board retreat dedicated to reflecting on this, by developing a strategic background paper which placed the evaluation findings in a broader context, and considering wider strategic issues of relevance to the future direction of the Alliance. Following this analysis, the Board has developed an initial response to the evaluation report. On behalf of the Alliance Board, where I have the honor of serving as Chairman, I am pleased to share with you the final evaluation report and the Board response.

The Board, while noting some limitations of the external evaluation, found the evaluation report to have value for the Alliance, and took detailed account of its findings as reflective of the diverse views and perceptions presented to the evaluation team.

The Board stands fully committed to addressing the issues raised through the external evaluation and locating its response within the unfinished HRH agenda as well as new global health and development dimensions that have evolved since the inception of the Alliance, and to revisiting the strategic priorities of the Alliance to ensure that it continues to play a catalytic role in the future. It will also take action as required to improve the management of the Alliance structures and its governance processes.

The next step will be to develop a new strategic framework for the years to come, a process which has already been initiated by the Board, and which we are keen on making inclusive and participatory. The Board will welcome comments and inputs by any partner with a stake in health workforce development, whether a member of the Alliance or not. Inputs by members and partners will be solicited by the Secretariat through a process which will be communicated in the next few weeks.

I would like to thank you for your continued support and interest in the work of the Alliance, and I encourage you to take active part in the process to develop its new strategic framework.

Dr Masato Mugitani
Chair, Global Health Workforce Alliance Board

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  • Board response to external evaluation
    pdf, 211kb

    Annex 1: External evaluation report
    Annex 2: Board Task Team cover letter to Board Chair
    Annex 3: Background paper to Board retreat
    Global Health Workforce Alliance Board, 25 April 2012