AMREF and IntraHealth Join Forces as HWAI Secretariat

December 2012 | The Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative (HWAI), an initiative of the World Health Organization’s Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA), has announced recently that AMREF and IntraHealth International will jointly coordinate the secretariat. AMREF and IntraHealth will build on the work of Dutch non-profit Wemos, which served as HWAI’s secretariat since early 2011 through the end of 2012.

The Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative is dedicated to one of The Alliance’s core functions, keeping human resources for health at the top of the agenda at the country, regional, and international level. HWAI is a civil society-led network, affiliated with GHWA, which engages in evidence-based advocacy with the goal of enabling people around the world to access skilled, motivated, and supported health workers who are part of well-functioning health systems.

The AMREF and IntraHealth partnership will focus on expanding and strengthening advocacy for human resources for health (HRH) through the alliance’s members and networks, in Africa, the global South, and worldwide. The new secretariat will support the four major goals identified in HWAI’s strategy: implementation of the WHO Global Code of Practice, task shifting, financing, and mainstreaming.


AMREF is Africa’s largest and oldest health development nongovernmental organization with extensive experience in community and health systems strengthening in Africa. For over 50 years, AMREF has trained tens of thousands of community and mid-level health care workers, including doctors, clinical officers, nurses, community health workers, and midwives, who bring health closer to people’s homes in some of Africa’s most marginalised communities. AMREF has worked to strengthen the health systems to respond to the needs of the communities and health workers. It is a leader in developing and implementing innovative training solutions in Africa. Headquartered in Nairobi, AMREF has been recognised for its work in building capacity of health workers as a means for enhancing health care for Africa, and is the only NGO to have received both the Gates Award for Global Health (2005) and the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize (1999). In 2011, AMREF received the World Federation of Public Health Associations 2012 Organizational Award in recognition of the organization’s outstanding achievements in and contributions to the field of public health.

About IntraHealth International

IntraHealth International is a global health nonprofit that champions the critical role of health workers in health and development. For over 30 years, in 100 countries, IntraHealth has empowered hundreds of thousands of health workers to better serve communities in need, fostering local solutions to health care challenges by improving health worker performance, strengthening health systems, harnessing technology, and leveraging partnerships. IntraHealth has offices in Chapel Hill, NC, Washington, DC, and 15 countries worldwide. The nonprofit’s work is supported and funded by the US Agency for International Development, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, private foundations, corporations, and individuals. Follow IntraHealth on Twitter @intrahealth and Facebook at