Reviving the HWAI network

Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative

March 2012 | Members of the Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative (HWAI) recently convened in Geneva for a strategic planning meeting on advocacy to renew HWAI under the leadership of the new secretariat WEMOS. The structure of the HWAI – including its objectives, membership, steering committee composition and cooperation between members was addressed. It also provided the opportunity for dialogue between the Alliance, the HWAI secretariat and HWAI members – and solicited feedback from participants on how they could contribute to get the best out of the network. Members of the group debated on future advocacy topics and interventions needed to make a difference in field of human resources for health (HRH).

A report of the meeting is currently being prepared and will be made available shortly.

Supported by the Alliance, HWAI prioritizes HRH advocacy and health systems strengthening. The HWAI network is open to anyone who would like to be involved in advocacy for the resources and policies needed to strengthen the health workforce and the accompanying health systems so as to enable countries to achieve the health-related Millennium Development Goals in a timely manner.