Global HRH Consultation

The 3rd Global Forum on HRH in November 2013 provided new momentum and engagement, with HRH being recognized as critical to the achievement of UHC and central to the post-2015 agenda. At the 16th meeting of the GHWA Board, held immediately following the 3rd Global Forum, the Board discussed the need for a new vision to re-energize the HRH field beyond 2016 and build new momentum for action for the next decade. The creation of a working group to develop a strategy for the HRH movement encompassing the Alliance, its members and the global community, was agreed.

It is against this background that the Alliance is coordinating a global consultation with the primary purpose to inform a future strategy on HRH that will be relevant to the post-2015 development agenda for all countries at all stages of socio-economic development. Outcomes from the process may provide opportunities to refine the Alliance’s Strategy 2013-2016: Advancing the Health Workforce Agenda within UHC.

Scope of work

The consultation will collate evidence and elicit new thinking. The scope includes 8 themes that can contribute to the overall development of a forward-looking strategy. The 8 themes are not exhaustive, but will provide opportunities to inform further thinking. Each theme will be coordinated through a thematic working group (TWG).

  • TWG 1: The drivers of change in health labour markets;
  • TWG 2: The role of transformative education;
  • TWG 3: Data and measurement of HRH availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality;
  • TWG 4: Accountability and alignment for post-2015: the roles and responsibilities of state and non-state actors
  • TWG 5: Leadership, governance and policy alignment in public/private health systems;
  • TWG 6: The drivers of change in Fragile States;
  • TWG 7: Improving productivity and performance: the roles of regulation, professional associations and standards;
  • TWG 8: Building on human capability beyond the health sector;

Each thematic working group will comprise 2 co-chairs and a group of individual experts drawn from the constituencies of the Alliance. The thematic working groups will lead the collation of evidence, with consultation opportunities facilitated through the Alliance’s e-Forum. The outputs from the thematic working groups will be discussed at the GHWA Board meeting in July 2014, and presented at the 3rd Global Symposium on Health Systems Research in Cape Town in September 2014. The Alliance will utilize the 8 papers to inform next steps on a forward-looking, global agenda for HRH.

NOTE: If you are interested in being a part of a working group, please address your request to: Your request will be forwarded to the working group co-chairs for consideration.