Message from the Executive Director, Global Health Workforce Alliance

Jim Campbell

Progress implies change, the positive type, where we explore and take small steps to improve our collective activities. Some of the small steps can be taken immediately.

A change in language to discuss opportunity rather than crisis. Yes, there remain many challenges. Access to a skilled health worker is not universal and this will take many years to resolve. But we are far better informed in 2014 of the potential solutions. The global health labour market is a driver to improve social, economic and health outcomes. The returns on investment are both immediate and generational. For low-, middle- and high-income countries the health workforce is a catalyst for gender, equity and shared prosperity: it is an opportunity to deliver far more than health services. I will be working with partners to build the evidence base to underpin this language and include it in GHWA's contributions to the Global Strategy on HRH and the post-2015 deliberations.

A second small step is to improve how we share with each other. The value of an Alliance is in its members and the ways we communicate, collaborate, cooperate and contribute. I am committed to making every effort in sharing GHWA policies, operations and communications and fostering dialogue across the GHWA membership constituencies. To support this, the GHWA website will be updated with the reports of GHWA's Board meetings in the period 2006-2014 along with the background documents that will be discussed by the GHWA Governing Board at its upcoming meeting on 17-18 July, 2014. These documents can be accessed at:

I also encourage all members and partners to share knowledge and updates from your own activities. GHWA can be better as a resource and knowledge hub for human resources for health (HRH). Through our corporate website and social media channels, we'll be sharing information that ensures our continued accountability and transparency, as well as news and events that matter most to you. Our e-platform offers you a unique opportunity to network and tap into the skills and talents of over 900 organizations and individuals working for the same cause.

There is a continued need for us to demonstrate, through evidence-based messages, the value of investing in the health workforce. It is our mutual responsibility to 'unlock' progress on health and ensure this is sustained over the long-term. As an Alliance, we have the unique opportunity to harness the potential of an effective multi-constituency membership. Let's capitalise on that.

I am incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe that together we can realize GHWA's vision of a health worker for everyone, everywhere.

Jim Campbell
Executive Director, Global Health Workforce Alliance