67th World Health Assembly adopts the Recife Political Declaration and gives mandate to WHO to develop a global strategy on human resources for health.

In a historic move, the Sixty-seventh World Health Assembly endorsed the commitments and the call to action outlined in the “Recife Political Declaration on Human Resources for Health: renewed commitments towards universal health coverage”, adopted at the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health. With this step, the world's nations acknowledge the global dimension and complexities of the health workforce crisis, and the interconnected nature of both the problems and the solutions necessary for the achievement of universal health coverage.

Rooted in the right to health approach, the Recife Declaration recognizes the centrality of human resources for health in the drive towards universal health coverage. It commits governments to creating the conditions for the inclusive development of a shared vision with other stakeholders and reaffirms the role of the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel as a guide for action to strengthen the health workforce and health systems.

The WHA resolution also requests the WHO Director General to develop a global strategy on human resources for health, for consideration by Member States at the 69th session of the World Health Assembly in 2016. A forward-looking health workforce strategy, responsive to the unprecedented societal, demographic and epidemiologic changes that the world is currently facing, will represent an important element in positioning the health workforce centrally in the post-2015 health development agenda.

The global health community has already initiated a consultation process as a follow-up from Recife – facilitated by the Global Health Workforce Alliance and USAID. This process is organized around 8 thematic working groups and aims at collecting evidence and new thinking on several aspects of health workforce planning, development and management. The new mandate given to the WHO will build upon, reinforce and take forward ongoing efforts.

“A new global HRH strategy is a great opportunity for the global community to address the challenges at hand and to come up with tangible solutions. The WHO and Alliance will collaborate closely in this endeavor and stand ready to help and support national governments, regional and global entities in outlining a strategic vision for health workforce development." said Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director General at WHO and Acting Executive Director of the Global Health Workforce Alliance.

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